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Brand new AMAZING-looking trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past has hit the web. Chock full of action, explosions and visuals to make your pulse pounce, but still barely any exposition about what on earth (or mutant future earth) is going on. Massive robots – the Sentinels – have turned this Marvel world into a post-apocalyptic (and by the looks of it, post-Skynet) wasteland, with only a handful of battle weary mutants left to fight the good fight. Including, of course, Ian McKellen’s Magneto and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. – hang on a minute, didn’t he die in that-film-which-we-shall-not-speak-of, otherwise known as X3 (even typing that sends shivers down my spine . . . what a waste of a movie).

There is a lot still to explain here, but for those in the know about the comic’s storyline, this trailer does a great job of sending excitement levels sky-high. There will be time-travel involved, courtesy of Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), in a race to prevent this dystopian mayhem from ever happening and to try to fix the rift between the two leaders of the mutant race.  

X-Men: First Class saved the franchise, and this film looks to be even better. By the sounds of the reactions to the 10 minute reel screened for critics during the week, this film could be 2014’s truly entertaining action movie and a great success. Anticipation may be getting the better of me here, but welcome back Bryan Singer, we’re super glad to have you. And Stewart’s Xavier voiceover, that’s been sorely missed too.

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