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From The Flames – Screaming Eagles Review

From The Flames – Screaming Eagles Review

from-the-flames-screaming-eaglesReleased: April 2014

A few years ago, a certain Australian hard rock band were both lauded and condemned as being the next AC/DC. Their songs sounded exactly the same, just with a youthful exuberance in frontman Joel O’Keefe. That band was Airbourne, and as fine a band as they are, I can’t help but think when the awards for best AC/DC impression were being dished out (presumably at a kind of alternative awards ceremony where everyone just wore pants and guzzled milk in school boy outfits), that Screaming Eagles were overlooked.

The riff making machine that is Screaming Eagles’ guitarist Adrian McAleenan proves once and for all that the manufacturing industries are doing quite well thank you very much, and partnered with Slash’s Snakepit meets The Darkness style vocals from Chris Fry, you have a winning combo.

As the opening tracks All The Way and Hungry For More attest to, the band leave no rock unturned and, unsurprisingly, leave you hungry for a 1980s glam rock inspired feast that you haven’t felt an urge to nibble since Extreme or Motley Crue.

If their song titles are self-referencing though, we really hope Vampire and Devil In The Dust see the creative juices at work instead of some kind of autobiographical exorcism.

In recent years, many new bands have been attacked for ‘copying’ the music of the 70s and 80s (The Treatment, Cage The Gods and Rival Sons to name a few), but in reality good music is good music, and just because Screaming Eagles are adept at emulating the sound of their heroes, they should not be criticised. If imitation was not allowed, we would never have had Shakespeare, epic Hans Zimmer soundtracks, or Oasis.

From The Flames is a monolithic record oozing good time vibes of gut-wrenching rock chops, and will have you swaggering around the house just to make a cup of tea. Beg, borrow or steal this if you must, but either way own it.


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