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I still have glitter in my hair and my head is a tad hazy but I’ve just about recovered from FrENDzy. This year was an absolute mud bath but what a fun mud bath it was. You haven’t lived until you’ve skidded on your bum down a muddy hill and run home in the pouring rain with pockets full of beer, playing the alphabet band game and jumping in puddles.

Well, it definitely was a great way to welcome in the autumn. A farm on the outskirts of St Buryan in West Cornwall was transformed into a party field, with a dome tent which was constantly rammed all night, a tent playing some funk and soul amongst other classic dance tunes, a small drum and bass tent on the outskirts and a reggae tent. What more could you want from a surf comp afterparty?

Unfortunately the weather didn’t want to play ball and it absolutely poured down. However, I’m a big fan of mud and all the stages were covered, so the torrential rain just made it more fun. The crowd was upbeat and ready for a good time despite the weather – as always is the case at FrENDzy.

The highlight of the event was Sir Vinyl and his drumming minion, aka Shelley Val Baker. As I had drank a lot of rum before arriving at the event, my memory of the night remains a little foggy but the resounding opinion from everyone in attendance was that it was a belter!

FrENDzy you were great – until next time my muddy Buryan pal!

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