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If they had made a ‘Carry On Mafia’ film, Frank Sent Me would have been it. Written by Julian Poidevin and directed by Peter Darney, the play explores “the importance of keeping up appearances” and is on for a limited run as part of the King’s Head Theatre’s LBGTQ inaugural season.

The premise is very straightforward, and we’re aware of the situation early on, so it becomes less about the build up to something and more about the individual moments that are being shared by the three characters. This was the magic of the play.

Matthew Gibbs and Declan Cooke worked fantastically together; more than just a great comedy pair, you could see and feel the relationship between the two. I also LOVED Matthew’s accent…it was that great East London, Carry On/Italian Job tone that added to the comic flair.

I wasn’t initially sure what period the play was set in – the accents threw me – until Blake walked in (played by Rohan Pharaoh Nedd), setting us firmly in the here and now. It was great to be able to see different aspects to the characters, with the darker side of the story and the moments of slapstick working together nicely.

Frank Sent Me was effortlessly charming and funny, the plot’s dark humour putting a fresh twist on a classic story. If you can, go and see it!

The play runs from August 17 – 22.