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In the video for his new single, Queenie Eye, Paul McCartney is joined by a host of famous friends including Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Jude Law, Kate Moss, Sean Penn, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller…I think I noticed Chris Pine in there too, the bearded beauty that he is. Now McCartney has never had to work at his cool factor but this video just solidifies his star status even more – who else could get all these high-profile people to star in the same video?! Johnny Depp and Sean Penn aren’t exactly run-of-the-mill guest-stars.

Directed by Simon Aboud, the video reveals more and more familiar faces as the song kicks in, building up to a cheerful party scene with everyone enjoying the song. It’s classy, like McCartney. It’s fun, like McCartney. And it’s something that won’t ever get old…like the music man himself.

Queenie Eye comes from McCartney’s latest album, New, which was released on the 11th October.

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