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James Watkins’ 2012 horror-thriller The Woman In Black was a surprise success. Even with the star power of Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe, nobody expected the film to be as popular as it was. The film was the highest-grossing British horror film in 20 years, so when news of a sequel was announced, it wasn’t such a big surprise.

Whilst the teaser trailer for The Woman in Black: Angel of Death doesn’t reveal very much, it does take us back to the creepy Eel Marsh House, where the ghosts and horrors are still threatening innocent lives. This time it’s 40 years after the events of the first haunting and during the Blitz of World War 2, where a group of school children are evacuated to the house and cut-off from the mainland.

The film is directed by Tom Harper and stars Jeremy Irvine as military commander Harry Burnstow and Phoebe Fox as Eve Parkins, who together must save the children and confront the evil forces trying to hurt them.

As the trailer says, “She never forgives. She never forgets. She never left”. We’ll have to wait for the first full-length trailer to see how she’ll wreak her revenge though.

The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death is set for UK release in February 2015. 

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