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Gillian Flynn’s popularity seems to be increasing by the day, and judging by the trailer for Dark Places, this probably won’t come to a halt any time soon. Based on Flynn’s most recent novel, the movie follows Libby Day, a woman left emotionally scarred after escaping from her brother murdering the family when she was eight years old.

Libby is approached by Lyle, a member of a group calling themselves the ‘Kill Club’ – a bunch of ex-cops and private detectives with a fascination for unsolved mysteries, all of whom believing Ben Day didn’t massacre his family.

Ben is remembered as an introverted, Satan-worshipping freak, rumoured to be involved in slaughtering animals with his friends. He has been in prison for almost 30 years, and Libby refuses to dig into her dark past and reconsider what happened on the night her mother and sisters were killed. With Lyle’s encouragement, Libby dares to confront the horrors of her childhood to uncover the truth.

Starring Charlize Theron as Libby and Nicholas Hoult as Lyle, the film looks impressively chilling.

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