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Following the successful adaptation of last year’s The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns has become the next John Green young adult bestseller to get the big-screen treatment. With the days until its August 2015 release date steadily being ticked off, 20th Century Fox have released the first official trailer for the new movie starring TFIOS-alum Nat Wolff and supermodel of the moment Cara Delevingne.

Wolff plays Quentin, a high school senior with a long-harboured crush on his beautiful, mysterious neighbour Margo (Delevingne), and is drawn into her night of revenge pranks against her cheating boyfriend when she climbs through his bedroom window and asks for his car. When Margo disappears the next day, it’s down to Quentin to unravel the clues she left behind, find out who Margo really is and try to bring her back home.

The trailer offers a first look at Delevingne acting appropriately cool in the role of Margo – the girl who liked mysteries so much she became one – but however fun and free-spirited we expect her to be, Paper Towns is really Quentin’s story to tell and judging by the trailer, Nat Wolff is seemingly a good choice to tell it.

With an indie soundtrack feel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower vibes and what looks like a road trip to end all road trips, Paper Towns might even give The Fault In Our Stars a run for its money.

Paper Towns will be released in UK cinemas on August 21.

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