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Films To Look Forward To In 2014

Films To Look Forward To In 2014

Where do we even begin when it comes to the films we’re most looking forward to watching in 2014?! From Christopher Nolan’s epic sci-fi, Interstellar, to the Golden Globe nominated 12 Years A Slave, 2014 is already looking like a cracking year for cinematic magic. These are the films that the Culturefly writers can’t wait to feast their eyes on come the new year. 

The Monuments Men – Natalie Xenos

Directed by Hollywood favourite George Clooney, The Monuments Men sees Clooney and Matt Damon once again join forces in a comedy-drama that could very well be the next modern day masterpiece. Based on the true story of a World War II platoon tasked with going behind enemy lines to rescue pieces of art from the Nazi’s, there’s a lot to get excited about here – from the cast and the humorous script to the stylish cinematography and slick editing, everything’s in place for another successful Clooney creation.

Maleficent – Kim Evans

Maleficient was the only villian in a Disney film that caused me to have to leave the room as a child, when she came on screen to hypnotise Sleeping Beauty into touching the needle. She’s now the focus in this upcoming Disney film, and whilst its unlikely that Maleficient will live up to its timeless source of inspiration, nor will Angelina Jolie be the same as the spine chilling voice acting of Eleanor Audrey in the original film, it’s still undoubtedly something to look forward to. And if you’re going to get anyone to play the most badass female villain in Disney’s history, it should probably be Angie.

Interstellar – Stephen Mayne

Christopher Nolan is making another science fiction blockbuster – does anymore need to be said? Ok, if you’re still not interested, it involves wormholes, an all-star cast and works off a script Nolan’s brother had originally developed for Spielberg. It will be big, it will be smart, and I have faith it will be just as brilliant as his previous output.

Inside Llewyn Davis – James McAllister

A new Coen’s Brothers film is always something to get excited about and if early reviews are anything to go by, Inside Llewyn Davis has been worth the wait. An exploration of the Greenwich Folk scene in the early 60s, it looks to be another potent exploration of the nuances of human relationships. With music by Marcus Mumford and a stellar cast including Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan and John Goodman, the Coen’s latest will no doubt bring more Oscar statues to those weird and wonderful siblings.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – Kriss Tolliday

After the 2011 surprise hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the sequel comes with a high amount of anticipation. With new director Matt Reeves attracting the likes of Jason Clarke and Gary Oldman to lead the reboot’s follow up, the franchise could get better and better and build upon the platform set by Rupert Wyatt’s prequel.

X-Men Days Of Future Past – Natalie Xenos

If the trailer is anything to go by, X-Men Days of Future Past is going to be epic. I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed with First Class, even with Fassy’s stellar input, but the seventh X-Men offering is billed as being a darker, more dramatic and potentially more significant film in the series. With all our favourite mutants back to do battle, will this film breathe new life into the X-Men franchise? I sure hope so! 

Under The Skin – James McAllister

It’s been nearly 10 years since Jonathan Glazer released his last film, but his latest more than makes up for it. Having done the rounds on this year’s festival circuit, it held audiences spellbound with its tale of an alien trying to find understanding in our society. Scarlett Johansson’s hypnotic central performance and Glazer’s astonishing visuals are inescapably intoxicating and, having seen it, I already tip this as one of the top films of 2014.

Her – Stephen Mayne

It’s already picking up rave reviews in the US, so Spike Jonze’s science fiction romance should be near the top of the must see list for 2014. Continuing to realise his vast talent that has reignited since The Master, Joaquin Phoenix plays a forlorn and reclusive man who falls in love with his new operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson. It promises to be sweet, weird and it might just break your heart.

Godzilla – Natalie Xenos

A collective sigh was heard across the globe when it was announced that they were remaking Godzilla – WHY?! We all asked. But now that the teaser trailer has been released we’re all a little speechless. It actually looks good. Scrap that, it looks great…even though it gives hardly anything away. Helmed by British director Gareth Edwards and starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston, I think we can safely say all eyes will be on Godzilla come May 2014.

12 Years A Slave – James McAllister

Having already made its mark while on this year’s festival circuit, 12 Years has now been nominated for many of the top Golden Globe Awards. Based on the true story of Solomon Northup, a freeman forced in to slavery, 12 Years follows Northup’s horrific experiences as the hands of slave owner Epps. Starring the cream of acting talent, including Michael Fassbender & Chiwetel Ejiofor, we shall finally be able to experience 12 Years A Slave when it’s released in early January.

Tell us what films you’re looking forward to seeing in 2014 below.

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  • So happy with the nominations this year and for 12 Years A Slave. Great movie. I do think that The Butler was snubbed though. I personally thought it was a great film and Oprah’s performance was outstanding.

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