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Young Summer Fever DreamReleased: 2013

Washington DC’s Young Summer released her debut EP Fever Dream last month and has already been likened to the superfluous Florence Welch. Vocalist Bobbie Allen does have a similar sound to our flamboyant friend, though she’s nowhere near as irritating as Florence Welch and her never-ending caterwaul.

From the onset, we’re introduced to dreamy, swaying electro-pop numbers like Fever Dream and The Waves That Rolled You Under. These ghostly, gently chimed numbers are reminiscent of Florence and the Machine, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Flo is far too overplayed, and it’s refreshing to hear other artists of a similar genre attempt to steal the limelight.

Close to Home and Letter Never Sent slow the action down slightly, and show a more fragile side to Allen’s vocals. These haunting melodies may make her voice sound like no more than a faint, delicate whisper, but it’s clear that it possesses strong elements that come out in gradual layers. She has great control over her voice and is very cautious about how to use it.

Her velvety vocals are further paraded in Half the Time, a lavish track speckled with lively and animated guitar notes. This breezy, charming number may make you think of flowery meadows and fluffy clouds, but the lyrics suggest a battle with trying to display insouciance while still caring about a loved one, carrying a rather melancholy vibe despite its apparent sweetness.

Fever Dream is a short but sweet EP of soul-pop tunes which will be enjoyed by fans of Florence and the Machine and even Gabrielle Aplin. This collection of wistful tracks is nice and easy to meander your way through without it becoming tedious, which is what makes Young Summer different from Florence Welch.


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