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FEHM at Milo – Live At Leeds Review

FEHM at Milo – Live At Leeds Review


FEHM were relatively unknown on the bill, and the sparse upstairs stage at the Milo fringe venue did little to help matters.

The local Leeds group delivered a half an hour set of post-punk, goth tunes which sounded at times like they were attempting something similar to the Horrors but not quite managing to pull it off. To be fair to them, they played solidly and tightly, but the sound was muddy at best with the synthesisers totally lost in the mix, and the screaming warblings of Paul Riddle totally incomprehensible, it was a disappointing set.

On a positive note, the band’s songs featured some nice charging bass lines but this wasn’t enough to fix what was an uninspiring and unadventurous collection of songs. The band image was a little muddled too with the bassist sporting a black beret, and Riddle coming across like a member of The Cure whereas the rest were adorned in standard indie-rock garb.

And that is the overall impression of this band – mis-matched. The set was an example of a group still finding their feet, and one gets the impression they haven’t been going for too long. With time and a few memorable tunes they could do well, and their EP launch later this month will no doubt have more of the answers there, but overall a sub-standard affair.


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