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To quote the play itself…F*cking Men at the King’s Head Theatre is “Fan-F*cking-tasic”. Loosely adapted from the 19th century play La Ronde, it follows the intertwining lives of ten men and their sexual exploits. It’s an in your face and blatant portrayal of a part of the sex culture within the gay community, looking at issues of monogamy, desire, truth and lies.

The first thing that got me about the play was how real it felt. You don’t need to have experienced any of the characters’ situations to be able to understand them, to be able to place yourself in their shoes and take something away from their stories. There was also something nice about going into a room where everyone feels the same thing; it was like collective responsibility, or rather understanding. We were all laughing along – a) because it was funny, and b) because we appreciated where the comedy was coming from.

In a lot of ways it was like a big gay A Christmas Carol, with past, present and future all intertwined. I could see emotions, feelings, even actions that I had been through or could be heading toward, so that it made me, not worried, but really think about my future and what I want it to be. That is, what I want when I go to the theatre. I’m all in favour of escapism and being taken to different places, but when something talks to you, without actually talking to you, that’s powerful.

There’s an argument that the play only looks at a very specific mind-set of the gay community, but when it’s an idea that I’ve come into contact with a lot, it adds a gravitas to proceedings. This is something we should be looking at, talking about, and educating others about. The ten actors played their parts very naturally, giving me massive body envy by the end of the show. I’ll be signing up to a gym any day now…

This is without a doubt the best play that I’ve seen at the King’s Head Theatre and I’ll definitely be going back for more. F*cking Men has kicked off what looks to be a great season of LBGTQ plays at the King’s Head and I’m really looking forward to seeing what else the season has to offer.

F*cking Men is on until August 30, 2015


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