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cagethegodsReleased: 2013

Looking upon the cover of the downright dirty debut EP from Cage The Gods: a trio of less than virtuous nuns are drinking, gambling and smoking, while some lingerie casually hangs from a crucifix in the background, you get the impression of just what this band are about.

And as if such a cover didn’t cement their rock ‘n’ roll credentials, the chugging opening strums of Favourite Sin will have you converted in seconds. Coming across like the bastard child of Aerosmith and Pantera, Cage The Gods are very much preaching to the converted with their debut five-track collection of ungodly sermons from the holy bible of rock.

Indeed, this EP sounds so accomplished and at-ease it is easy to forget this is their debut release. The melodic chimes of From The Start could have been written by classic era Guns N’ Roses, and Axl Rose would do well to listen to this record for a reminder of what hard rock should be about: rousing anthems built on a meaty hook that begs to be strutting across a vast arena stage.

It’s no wonder in their short time together they have already toured with The Answer and Heaven’s Basement, and are probably writing better tunes than either of those two bands right now, which is a bold statement given the former two have been widely regarded as the next big thing in hard rock for some time now.

Favourite Sin is ballsy, filthy and as sweaty as they come. You can positively smell the beer-drenched, body-odour of a Cage The Gods club show through this disc, and as disgusting as that sounds, that is the way we like our rock ‘n’ roll. The Gods will no doubt be uncaged early next year for a full on assault on the sinners yet to hear the sound of their religion, and you would do well to take notice.


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