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Behind every face is a story. The beauty behind the breath-taking exterior of Grace Kelly was unfortunately dark, dismal and very difficult. In a new film, due to be released in March 2014, the life of former Hollywood star Grace Kelly will be depicted. With her crisis of marriage, abuse and identity alongside political disputes and a French Invasion, Grace Kelly had quite the colourful life. Nicole Kidman will play the part of Grace in a film that is already causing controversy amongst her family.

In the first part of the Icons of Fashion series within the new Fashionfly column, I look at the fashionable life of Grace Kelly and why she’s a true style icon, respected by many women today.

Grace Kelly began her Hollywood career at the age of 20 and turned heads from day one. Her classic girl next door alongside her alluring eyes and sensual charm attracted many around her. Stunning coiffured curls set against her porcelain skin, Grace was always dressed impeccably.

Patterned capri pants at Cannes, bold organza print dresses in the 50’s and chunky accessories with vivid colourings, shirtwaist dresses and fantastic up-dos in the 60’s. Grace even broke the fashion rules by wearing the same dress twice during various lavish Hollywood events. She was accessible, unique and pragmatic in her approach to fashion, something of an icon. She never went unnoticed and never more so than on her wedding day when she wore a jaw dropping, beautiful silk taffeta and Brussels lace gown crated by MGM costume designer Helen Rose.

Christian Dior supplied Grace with gowns and suitable attire for her official Princess of Monaco appearances and grand events. She adopted the attitude of ‘our life dictates a certain kind of wardrobe’ and understood how clothing worked; clean, effortless clothing that oozed sophistication and absolute, timeless class.

Perhaps one of Grace Kelly’s best known fashion faux’s was the now aptly named ‘Kelly’ bag designed by Hermes. A small handbag with a strap designed to drape elegantly over the wrist was never far from her side, especially during the pregnancy of her first daughter. The bag continues to be a bestseller today. I’m pretty sure any girl would love to walk in the footsteps of such a style icon and true lady with the ‘Kelly’ bag attached to their arm. I know I would.

I can’t wait for the release of the film, a chance to relive the enchanting life of Grace Kelly through words, pictures and plenty of beautiful garments.

Take a look at few of my favourite styles adopted by Grace Kelly; her love of tortoiseshell sunglasses, crisp white shirts, pastel shade princess-line coats and leather loafers – all available on today’s high street.


(Clockwise) New Look Patent Black Loafers – £18, Oasis Pastel Car Coat – £110, Ted Baker Diemond Painting Floral Trousers – £109, Topshop Floral Clean Structured White Shirt – £25, Forever 21 Big City Statement Necklace – £4.85, Yves Saint Laurent Le Rouge Pur Couture 57 – £25, Rayban 4126, Hermes Kelly Bag £POA

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