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Family Guy Season 12, Episode 19 Review

Family Guy Season 12, Episode 19 Review

‘Meg Stinks’

In 12 seasons of Family Guy, there only seems to be two episodes featuring a strong connection between Peter and Meg. Season 7’s ‘Peter’s Daughter’ saw Peter become overprotective after Meg is almost killed in an accident. Now, 7 seasons later, the writers have delivered another Peter/Meg episode that is every bit as good as its predecessor.

‘Meg Stinks!’ begins at the high school during a college fair. Meg has to start thinking about her future and get into a good college. Peter suggests Oral Roberts, or perhaps an even better college, Anal Roberts. A hilarious gag follows about how it’s very tough to get into Anal Roberts, but once you get in, you’ll be surprised at how much you like it. Principle Shepherd announces that several colleges are interested in Meg, so Peter has to take Meg to look at Green Mountain College in Vermont.

Back at the house, Brian is sprayed by a skunk and is forced to become an outside dog. At first, he struggles to adapt to his new home outside in the wild, but he soon learns to fend for himself. After the skunk smell has disappeared, Stewie wants Brian to come back inside, but Brian has become an outside dog and doesn’t want to go back to his old ways.

Meanwhile, on the journey to Vermont, Peter and Meg start to bond for the first time. They realise that they have a lot in common, and they even start hanging out. Meg is overwhelmed by their new relationship, and decides to miss her interview so that she can spend time with her father. Peter’s shenanigans soon become too much for Meg, and she decides to pursue her dreams and go to college.
‘Meg Stinks!’ is a well-balanced episode with just the right amount of gags, storyline and sentimentality. There were plenty of enjoyable running gags, which included the formation of Peter’s evil twin after he loses his hand. The writers could’ve used this idea for an entire episode but it has already been done before with Stewie. Besides, this gag added something extra to the episode, as we kept returning to events that were caused by this evil twin known as Retep.

Another great aspect of this episode was the cutaways. It was nice to see that the bond between Peter and Meg enabled Peter to include Meg in some of the cutaways. He also returned to some of his expensive and illustrious gadgets. Season’s 4-6 included some great Peter-based vehicles, such as the Hindenpeter and the Peterdactyl, and this episode saw the introduction of the Megcopter. Overall, the writers were able to get a great balance between jokes and a good narrative, with this sweet and sentimental episode of the show.


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