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Family Guy Season 12, Episode 13 Review

Family Guy Season 12, Episode 13 Review

‘3 Acts Of God’

The latest episode of Family Guy season 12 is reminiscent of Season 10’s The Splended Source, where Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland search for the source of a dirty joke. This week, the guys embark on an ambitious quest to find God, but it’s not to find out the answers to some of life’s big questions, it’s to ask him to stop determining the outcome of football games involving The New England Patriots.

The guys are sick of the fact that the Patriots are on an embarrassing losing streak, and they become suspicious when members of the opposing team thank God for their performance and subsequent victory. This prompts Peter to gather up the guys and search for God. They start off at what they believe is the house of God. When this turns out to be a local Church, they travel across the world to reach God. The guys use Quagmire’s very useful skill to fly to some exotic countries like Greece and India to see if they can find out any answers. When this fails, the guys return to The Drunken Clam to discuss their futile efforts to meet God.
family-guy-3-acts-of-godFortunately, Cleveland Brown is with the guys, and Death shows up, stating that he has “Come for Cleveland’s Show”. The guys ask Death if he can take them to God, and they end up in heaven where God greets them by the pool. Peter asks God why he’s preventing the Patriots from winning a game, and God says that it’s down to the fact that the Patriot’s coach, Bill Belichick, is always unhappy, despite the fact that he gave him three Superbowls. Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland are then sent on another quest to see if they can make coach Belichick smile. If they succeed, God will leave the Patriots alone.

It’s easy to make a comparison between 3 Acts of God and The Splendid Source, because they both contain an adventure of quest narrative, as well as the reintroduction of a former resident of Quahog, Cleveland Brown. The Splendid Source was by far the better episode because the adventure narrative was extremely strong. When the guys ended up in a remote location with people who write all of the world’s dirty jokes, it’s fun to see how they get out of it and make their way back to Quahog. 3 Acts of God was different because it took a little longer for the idea to get introduced. After this, it felt rushed, and the guys only spent 20 or 30 seconds of screen time on their search in different countries. Some of the gags in these short sequences were great – the most memorable one came in Jerusalem, where Joe is feeding pennies to a bunch of Mort Goldman’s.

The guys find God after a chance meeting with death, so some of the sequences in this episode feel irrelevant. Again, it’s a lack of time that lets it down. This could’ve been a Family Guy special – a 45-minute to 1-hour episode in the style of And Then There Were Fewer, rather than the short time slot it was given.

Most of the gags were actually very amusing – the best is a self-referencing gag, which sees Peter organising his cutaways and the characters involved in them. The interaction between Peter and God also worked really well; God has been seen throughout Family Guy, and the portrayal is very consistent.

Overall, this episode is typical of Family Guy season 12, with some good gags and cutaways, but the story still isn’t up to scratch and the timing feels off.


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