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Fall Of The Krays – DVD Review

Fall Of The Krays – DVD Review

Genre: Crime

Directed by: Zackary Adler

Starring: Simon Cotton, Kevin Leslie, Adrian Bouchet, Alexa Morden

Following on from 2015’s film, Rise of the Krays, which charted the rise of the notorious siblings’ business and crime empire, Fall of the Krays follows the brothers’ struggle to hold it all together.

Perhaps it’s unfair to compare Zackary Adler’s biopic of the infamous twins to the big budget, big name production Legend, released just last year too. But when the timing is so close it’s hard not to compare one against the other. Unfortunately for Adler, Fall of the Krays lacks any real weight – the grit that could have been amped up in an independent production, over its glossy counterpart, sadly isn’t realised.

Case in point is the opening scene, where Ronnie, taking the law into his own hands in classic Kray fashion, brands an ‘offender’ with a hot poker, just minutes before heading to Reggie’s wedding. There’s no real feeling of menace emanating from actor Simon Cotton. I must confess, I don’t particularly think Tom Hardy is a spectacular actor, at times his dual portrayal of Ronnie and Reggie was wooden. Compared to this though, Hardy’s portrayal is in a league of its own. Even the strike of the poker to the old man’s face and torso – a pretty brutal activity to while away the time before your brother’s wedding – was delivered with such forced drama that it bordered on the comical.the-fall-of-the-kraysThe dialogue doesn’t do the film any favours either. Back and forth the actors go, following their script in a well-rehearsed, perfectly placid manner. There’s nothing here to get excited about, nothing that really lights the screen up nor brings the film to life.

Perhaps the best aspect of the film is the cinematography. There are some very atmospheric shots, the scene where Ronnie stands on the beach and two henchmen drag a bloodied carcass into a rowing boat and off towards the sea is particularly eerie.

Sadly though, it doesn’t save Fall of the Krays entirely. It’s not the worst film ever, if you can put up with the stunted dialogue and postured grimacing but it’s by no means one to remember. If you’ve a couple of hours to kill, it might just do the job.


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