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Fall EP – Pixel Fix Review

Fall EP – Pixel Fix Review

pixel-fixReleased: 2014

While the name Pixel Fix might imply an 8-bit overload, this Oxfordshire four-piece quietly impress with the subdued and glitchy Fall EP – so much so that you can’t help but wish it lasted a bit longer.

Pixel’s Fix’s latest EP is a slim one, its 4 tracks spanning a mere 11 minutes or (more precisely) two full length tracks and a pair of shorter instrumental interludes. The good news is that the music contained here, while brief, is quite excellent. Opening track Fall begins with a distant, submerged sounding vocal sample before slowing unfolding into the sort of shimmering guitar pop that has become Bombay Bicycle Club’s stock in trade. Awake meanwhile leans more heavily on fluid, nocturnal beats before lilting guitars drive the song to a triumphant close. If you’re still unsure of what to expect, think SBTRKT meets The 1975, a comparison given further weight by singer Marcus Yate’s vocal similarities to the 1975’s Matt Healy.

These two songs are separated by She Hears You and You Want, short ambient tracks that serve as reasonably effective mood pieces but don’t contribute a great deal to the EP other than to pad things out a bit. This is largely forgivable but it does keep Fall from feeling substantial – just as you find yourself being drawn in, it’s all over.  Still, this short cycle of songs should be enough to convince you that Pixel Fix’s seamless blend of indie and electronics is worth keeping an eye on.


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