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the-dead-daisies-face-i-loveReleased: August 2014

Following their critically acclaimed debut we gave a rave review last year, The Dead Daisies have returned with a brand new EP featuring a new cast of rockers eager to boast their chops across the four tracks that make up Face I Love.

The rotating line-up concept is one that has been used by the likes of Camp Freddy and Kings of Chaos in the past, and much like those two groups, The Dead Daisies also features some Guns N’ Roses talent.

After Slash guested on last year’s debut, this stop-gap EP before a tour with Kiss and Def Leppard features keyboard player Dizzy Reed (possibly the last hanger-on from Guns N’ Roses’ classic era), guitarist Richard Fortus (Guns, Psychedelic Furs), drummer Brian Tichy (Billy Idol, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne) and bassist Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), alongside the usual Jon Stevens and David Lowy.

For fans of hook-heavy, sleazy, classic rock, The Dead Daisies should be your new favourite band, and while Face I Love may not be quite as meaty as their self-titled album, there is still much to enjoy – not least because very few were actually expecting another set of recordings less than a year after their first.

It’s proof of how energized the group are, and how good the songs are though that this EP is here so quickly. It may have been rushed out for the forthcoming tour, but we’re glad it was.

The bluesy refrains of Your Karma sound like it was meant for one of the Use Your Illusion albums, with a killer guitar solo that aspiring, air-guitaring kids will have on repeat in their bedrooms, while Helter Skelter is anthemic and rousing.

It’s a fine EP all told, and crucially serves to show that The Dead Daisies was not just a flash in the pan. Here at Culturefly HQ, we can’t wait for their next full-length release.


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