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Fabric at The New Wimbledon Studio Review

Fabric at The New Wimbledon Studio Review

Fabric at The New Wimbledon Studio was a compelling and engaging one woman show written by Abi Zakarian and starring Nancy Sullivan as Leah, a woman who refuses to be a product of her past.

Leah was a fantastic bubbly character, bursting onto the stage and spilling out her story in an open and engaging manner, drawing us into her life. It was a testament to Zakarian’s writing as the narrative flowed like a conversation between friends.

Nancy flitted in and out of characters, the audience seeing and feeling all the different personalities without the need for different actors. We saw Leah transform as the play went on, from the single girl, to the girlfriend and then the wife, growing into the woman she was at the start of the play who becomes influenced by her past but never letting it stop what she wants.

One of the ideas explored was how she should be and what she should be doing in these roles. You get this feeling of something not being quite right, falling into these darker moments that act like a hanging omen that Leah starts to reflect on.

Then we reached the ‘event’ and had to bear witness to it and the crashing effect that it has on Leah’s life. We understand what we’ve been leading up to and how Leah’s viewpoint plays an important part in what we’ve been seeing. The moment played out was raw and harrowing, and the small space meant the echoes reverberated around the room so the audience really felt Leah’s pain.

Fabric was a strong piece that shows the power of determination and self-value. Catch the tour if you can.


The Fabric tour continues at:

The Hawth, Crawley: 20 July

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury:  21 – 22 July

Iron Belly, Edinburgh: 6 – 28 August

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