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“If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place”

If after three seasons of Game of Thrones you still haven’t picked up on the fact that justice is a fairly dead concept, then I think the series is wasted on you. For everyone else though, rejoice that HBO’s sex-blood-vengeance ridden behemoth is back on our screens in just a few months time and they’ve released a brand-new trailer to tide us over until then.

Appropriately titled Vengeance, the trailer opens with Arya Stark listing all the people that she’s going to kill (which at the moment seems to cover most of the main cast) and still reeling from the infamous Red Wedding episode that sent the Internet into meltdown.

I’m not a reader of the books (please don’t hurt me) but I’ve been led to believe that season 4 will cover a similarly bloody period in the story and the trailer gives us a hint of what may be coming. Highlights include Jon Snow seeking to avenge his brother, Daenerys getting her Queen on, Stannis Baratheon and his witchy sidekick gearing up for battle and it looks like Tyrion is in a spot of bother as well. That’s a lot to fit into 10 episodes but experience tells me that it can be done.

Game of Thrones returns in April.

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