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Turtle Rock Studios, developers of the popular Left 4 Dead series, have announced that their upcoming 4v1 monster hunting game, Evolve, has “gone gold”, meaning that development for the game is fully completed.
Evolve_2“While everyone else was celebrating the start of 2015, the Evolve team was eagerly awaiting final certification from first parties. And now we’re happy to announce that Evolve has ‘Gone Gold,” said Turtle rock Studios.

Evolve is out the door. Off to the manufacturers. After that, it gets shipped to retail stores in time for launch on February 10th!”

With the news coming out back in August 2014 of 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios’ decision to delay the release of Evolve “to allow enough time to fully realise the vision for Evolve”, it seems now that the companies made a wise decision, finishing one month earlier then the extended time period.

In addition, the news that Turtle Rock Studios used this added time wisely and that Evolve has gone gold ahead of schedule has restored faith to many in the gaming community, following a string of unfinished and often unplayable games being released to the public by large AAA companies.
Evolve_1Turtle Rock also announced that they were taking part in a “No Shave ‘Til Ship” pledge for the charity Child’s Play, meaning the Evolve developers would not shave their beards or cut their hair until Evolve passed certification.

The studio said it would donate $50 per inch of beard grown during this time, leading to a total of 227.5 inches of beard hair and a total donation of $11,375. This donation was then matched by publisher 2K Games, bringing the total up to $22,750.

Furthermore, the developers at Turtle Rock Studios who shaved their heads donated the hair to Locks of Love, a charity that provides hairpieces for children who suffer from medical conditions which cause hair loss.

Evolve is slated to release on February 10th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with an open beta scheduled for Thursday January 15th.

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