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Picture yourself trekking through the Welsh wilderness, your backpack and leaves crunching under your boots. Luna Tides’ Open Woods EP is the perfect accompaniment to that setting.

A folk rock quartet hailing from Glamorgan, the band credit the Welsh coastline and Paul Simon amongst their muses, and there’s nothing not to like about their debut record.

The EP features four songs – Open Woods, Last Night, Luna and What Comes Around – with each track holding its own identity and story, each piece like part of a puzzle that fits together to tell a beautiful story of countryside, love and loss.

With a feeling of tranquillity and calm throughout the EP, this is definitely one to add to your relaxing autumn playlist. The sound itself reminds me of a mixture of Bellowhead and Stornoway – perfect November listening.

The Open Woods EP is released on the 24th November and, with backing from BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from Luna Tides.


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