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Electric Blue EP – Coronation Ball Review

Electric Blue EP – Coronation Ball Review

coronation-ball-electric-ball-epReleased: December 2014

The debut EP by Tunbridge Wells-based pop rockers Coronation Ball is certainly an eclectic affair.

Mixing classical influences on the dreamlike Holy Man with the ‘60s inspired sounds of You Had My Heart, the unique quintet are carving their own niche into the indie mould.

Lead single I Feel Fine has a charging groove with a chorus line paying homage to Gorillaz’s Feel Good Inc, and is a fine statement of intent.

But it is the aforementioned Holy Man that is probably the highlight of these five main tracks, which are interspersed with three somewhat filler interludes. With an ethereal vocal from Dominic Scott complementing Jessica Watson’s strings perfectly, it’s uplifting, soaring and epic.

However, just as you think you know what they do best, they throw a curve ball in with You Won’t Believe It, which sounds more like your middle of the road song with a dash of falsetto in for good measure.

The band cite Pink Floyd as a key influence, and it is clear that they take inspiration from Floyd’s desire to push the boundaries of expectation, as well as in sound. And while I admire a group that doesn’t stick to a particular DNA, if Coronation Ball experimented more with the Holy Man formula, this debut EP could have been something much more extraordinary.


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