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calexico-edge-of-the-sunReleased: April 2015

For those who like their rock music fairly middle of the road, but with dark undertones of an edginess that suggests they have something a little bit more astonishing under their belts, Calexico might just be that revelation.

Spanning two decades, Calexico have been at it for a long time to be a name relatively unheard of, which may explain the Mexico-inspired approach to ninth album, Edge Of The Sun.

For those expecting mariachi bands and fajitas though, look away now. Edge Of The Sun is a much more subtle affair, and at times it’s hard to see the influence at all.

But the piercing horns on Bullets Rocks and the countrified lonesome lament of slide guitar and harmonica on When The Angels Played shows the breadth of their style and influences.

And just when you think you know what Calexico are about, you get the proto-disco/Mexico mash up that is Cumbia De Donde, and it becomes clear just how innovative they can be, taking two genres with a very firm set of principals and turning them both on their head.

This record is not groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination, and one gets the impression they missed a trick here. If the whole record was as forward-thinking as Cumbia De Donde, this album would be an extraordinary collection indeed.


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