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EA Sports have just released a bone-breaking new trailer for their upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship game, EA Sports UFC for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Emphasising the game’s impressive looking physics, the new gameplay video titled ‘Feel the Fight’ focuses on the way EA Sports’ IGNITE engine allows fighters to interact with each other in an insanely detailed way. Muscles tighten and flex, skin contorts and fighters realistically press their feet against the floor of the arena. Fighters now respond to exhaustion and can become tired and over-exerted if you push them too hard and a single well-placed blow is capable of devastating your opponent.

Currently in development at EA Canada, EA Sports’ first UFC game is looking like it’ll be worthy replacement for the now defunct UFC Undisputed. EA Sports UFC is due for release this Spring. For more information visit www.easports.com/ufc.

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