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Sunset Overdrive, the colourful cartoony shooter from Insomniac will be released on October 28th in America and October 31st in Europe, exclusively for the Xbox One.

During Microsoft’s Xbox E3 Press Briefing Insomniac president Ted Price revealed that the game will also feature a new multiplayer mode called Chaos Squad. In this mode players will be able to team up into an 8 player squad and battle against waves of Sunset Overdrive’s toxic energy drink infected mutants, as they try to get their hands on two vats of Overcharge Delirium XT.

A trailer for the game was also unveiled along with gameplay of a single player campaign mission, both highlighting the game’s zany art style, whacky weapons and bizarre mutant monsters. “Can you survive the many dangers? Can you help others survive? Can you save Sunset City? Can you, for the love of god can you?” asks the game’s main protagonist.

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