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Audiences at E3 were treated to two new pieces of never before seen footage showing off the highly anticipated The Division, with new gameplay being displayed at the Microsoft E3 Press Briefing and a new story Trailer at Ubisoft’s own E3 briefing event.

The gameplay footage sees a 4-player squad emerging from the abandoned subway system into the derelict streets above. As the team navigates the snow covered New York streets they discover a gang of NPC players occupying the streets surrounding their safe house. Clearing out the NPC’s the team demonstrates the use of the different player abilities and gadgets as well as tactical gameplay, working together and communicating clearly to take out the enemies.

In the story trailer we discover more about the effects of the deadly virus on the city and the people living within, and more importantly about the cause driving the Division group to reunite the people and take back the city.

Along with the new footage Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One players will receive exclusive content and all Division DLC first ahead of other platforms.

The Division originally received a release date of early 2014, however after Ubisoft delayed the launch of the game several months ago, release has now been set for early 2015 launching on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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