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Opening EA’s E3 press briefing this year, the audience was treated to a behind the scenes look at the new Star Wars Battlefront, with small glimpses of early in-engine footage of the game.
SWB SpeederAlthough the trailer doesn’t show that much, the video does feature the Star Wars planets of Hoth and Endor, showing that they will make a return after appearing in both previous Star Wars Battlefront titles.

Fans are also able to hear the voice over of DICE design director Niklas Fegraeus on the trailer as he explains “Now we at DICE have the opportunity of a life time to make the Star Wars game that, as fans we’ve all dreamt of playing”

Unfortunately this short trailer and a small teaser of “see more spring 2015” was all DICE had to say about the upcoming game. With fans eager to find out as much as possible, it’s clear to say that DICE Sweden firmly has the attention of gamers and Star Wars fans alike.

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