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Destiny, the latest game from Bungie, the creators of the first three Halo games, originally debuted at E3 2013 and has returned this year with new story trailers, announcements and a playable build for players to get their hands on.

The story trailer unveiled during Sony’s E3 press conference provides a glimpse into the Travellers back story and the darkness that follows it. The footage also features Guardian gameplay, showing off some of the vehicles, weapons and abilities that will be available to players, along with various enemies found within the Destiny universe.

One of the hallmarks of Bungie’s Halo franchise was the inclusion of split screen co-op play. However it has been revealed that Destiny will not include this feature. The reason developers say is to allow players the freedom of movement, to explore, to keep the guardians untethered.

“We’re actually not supporting split-screen in Destiny.” said Eric Osborne, Bungie community manager. ”We love split-screen. Obviously we have a legacy of supporting it. We know a lot of players love it. We love it. But we really wanted to untether guardians. Even if you’re in a fire team, you can go wherever you want. That level of freedom was really important for us. We know some players really like split-screen. Ultimately, you can’t build a game to suit every single player out there.”

Destiny1Sony has announced that it will be releasing a new exclusive PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle, with a Glacier White PS4 console included, costing $449, to coincide with the launch of the game.

Destiny is set to launch on September 9th on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Bungie has announced the launching of a small closed Alpha for the game starting today with an open beta for anyone who has pre-ordered the game, beginning July 17th on the PS3 and PS4, with the beta coming to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One soon after.

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