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Dying For Christmas – Tammy Cohen Review

Dying For Christmas – Tammy Cohen Review

dying-for-christmasReleased: November 2014

If you’re looking for a warm, fuzzy, festive novel to curl up with by a crackling fire on Christmas Day as you gorge yourself on chocolate – this is not it.

Dying for Christmas is the illegitimate child of Gone Girl and Fifty Shades of Grey, with the psychosis and mystery of the former, and the sadism of the latter.

The end result is a book that is stomach churning and horrifying but claws its way into your mind so you can’t put it down.

This dark novel tells the story of Jessica Gold who goes missing on Christmas Eve while doing her final frantic present buying on Oxford Street. She’s been kidnapped by a stranger who locks her away in his London flat and to mark each of the 12 days of Christmas, he gives her a present – each more horrific than the last.

The 12th day is getting closer and she knows that there is nothing after that. However, Jessica has a secret that will turn the whole tale on its head.

The narrative flits between two vantage points – Jessica herself and Kim, the police officer who is heading up the team trying to find her. Kim is battling her own Christmas related family issues and her story creates a breather of reality amongst the intense and disturbing experiences of Jessica.

Cohen is known for her psychological suspense with The Mistress’s Revenge and The Broken, and Dying for Christmas is one of the darkest and most ingenious thrillers on the market at the moment.

So if you want your family rows to feel normal this Christmas, put this book on your wish list – but I wouldn’t give it to your granny with a heart condition.


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