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Last October, UK indie developer Dreadbit Games narrowly succeeded in raising the funds to KickStart their steampunk mech block-matcher game, Ironcast, securing an additional £184 over their funding goal. You can read more about the results of their KickStarter here.

Just four months on and Dreadbit Games & Ripstone Publishing have returned to announce the impending release of Ironcast. An extremely quick turnaround, especially when compared to the several years it usually takes for other KickStarter games to be released.
The game will be priced at £9.99, with a special discount at launch, and although no specific date has yet been announced, expect to see Ironcast hitting Steam later this month for PC, Mac and Linux.

Since the announcement of Dreadbit’s partnership with Ripstone last October which guaranteed Ironcast’s Kickstarter stretch goals, the development team have been hard at work implementing new features in Ironcast. Not only have the team worked to incorporate their stretch goals, but several additional improvements have been made thanks to feedback from Kickstarter backers who took part in the Ironcast closed Beta.

Some of the bonus features players can expect to see in the game include the likes of: an added Commander, an extra Ironcast design, more locations and missions and new buffs and abilities, as well as a few more surprises.
ironcast-02Along with the announcement of Ironcast’s imminent release, Dreadbit have also released a brand new trailer showcasing a variety of mechs and teasing several of the players’ Victorian Commander Counterparts.

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