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UK indie developer Dreadbit Games and publisher Ripstone have this week announced they are joining forces to bring combat game Ironcast to PC, Mac and Linux in early 2015.
Dreadbit launched a KickStarter campaign for Ironcast back in September, which successfully reached the base KickStarter funding goal earlier this month after fans pledged just over £10,000 in support of the game’s creation.

With the game’s early success and popularity on KickStarter, publisher Ripstone offered their support to act as an additional funding partner for the project, also pledging to cover production, marketing, distribution and further development costs to ensure each of Ironcast’s KickStarter stretch goals are met.
Ironcast’s KickStarter stretch goals include: a 4th additional playable commander, a 5th mech design, more locations, 10 extra missions, added buffs and abilities, and a new Ironcast weapon – The Magma Blaster.

“After the completion of the Kickstarter campaign we were approached by Ripstone who offered to provide the funding for our stretch goals” says Daniel Leaver, Designer at Dreadbit Games. “We saw this as too good an opportunity to pass up.”

“Having worked extensively with Daniel on the Little Big Planet series I was always curious as to what he’d do next” says Leo Cubbin, Managing Director at Ripstone. “When we discovered his Ironcast Kickstarter campaign we immediately loved the concept and tried to find a way to get involved in such a way that would reward people who had backed the game.“

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