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Despite the fact that not many people would have heard about this movie until now, film buffs, Joseph Gordon-Levitt fans and hitRECorders have been waiting for this comedy since the very first whispers of pre-production. Don Jon marks Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s feature film directorial debut and, keeping in mind that everything the Hollywood actor touches turns to gold, the trailer is a promising first glimpse of what’s to come.

Written by and starring JGL himself, Don Jon is about a modern day Don Juan who objectifies the female population and has unrealistic expectations of women based on the porn he watches. It’s a comedy about the preconceived ideas people develop about the opposite sex and finding happiness beyond that.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has already proved himself as the loveable romantic lead (need I mention 500 Days of Summer?) and by the looks of it he’s fully capable of playing the self-confessed womaniser too. With confident direction and a fearless cast, the film gained a good response when it premiered at Sundance in January. Don Jon will be opening in the US later this year, with the UK release date yet to be announced.



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