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Division – Golden State Review

Division – Golden State Review

golden-state-divisionReleased: May 2014

You know when you can write a chorus hook as big as the stadium it was designed to be played in that you’re on to a winner, and that’s no doubt how Golden State felt when they wrote All Roads Lead Home, the opening track for their new album Division.

Imagine U2 without all the pretentiousness, or Switchfoot with a more straight-ahead sound and you aren’t far off how Golden State sound.

Listening to the rousing vocals of Setting Sun or the pumping bass line of Sink Or Swim and you could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to Train or Snow Patrol playing something upbeat for a change.

It should be pointed out that there is little here that you probably haven’t heard before from any of the bands mentioned above, but as with the whole stadium rock genre, it’s all about the anthems and Golden State have plenty to sink your teeth into here.

Division is the soundtrack for superheroes to save the world, it’s the soundtrack for stopping a tornado in its tracks, or if The Outsiders is anything to go by, it’s the soundtrack for outrunning the bad guy in a car chase.

The choice lighter-in-the-air moment is Save Me and it’s so authentic, with all the tropes of a power ballad, that you could almost be in an American teen rom-com film at the moment the boy and girl finally get together.

Division is a fine album. It doesn’t try to pander to your affections or overstate what it is that this band are all about, but instead delivers a gourmet steak of juicy anthemic rock which will leave your belly full and satisfied with glorious rock goodness.


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