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Die Again – Tess Gerritsen Review

Die Again – Tess Gerritsen Review

die-again-tess-gerritsenReleased: January 2015

Author Tess Gerritsen is a big deal over in America. In fact, the best-selling physician penned fourteen other thrillers before Die Again, has sold an incredible 40 million copies of her books across the world and there is also a TV show across the pond called Rizzoli & Isles based on her series of novels.

But, unless you’re an ardent fan of the crime genre, you probably still haven’t heard of her until now. However, with Die Again in print as she tours the UK, 2015 is going to be a massive year for Gerritsen.

Die Again is a breathtaking crime-thriller drawing together two parallel stories – that of Detective Jane Rizzoli and Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles who are investigating a bizarre murder in Boston where a man has been hung and gutted in his own home, and a tale set six years ago when a group of travellers on an African safari disappeared and only one woman survived who saw the killer’s face.

Of course, the two cases are linked by a plethora of theories, but the fast-paced action and insanely clever plot will keep you guessing with your heart firmly in your mouth until the very last chapters.

Gerritsen’s style of writing is both entertaining and approachable. Alternating chapters following the horrors unfolding in Africa and Boston keeps the novel fast and fresh, but despite the complicated plots the reader will never once lose the thread, and you will never see the killer coming. This is a brilliant, clean-cut murder mystery set in the present day and perfect for anyone looking for a novel that will give them a kick.

With more twists than a season of Game of Thrones (and probably an equal number of deaths), Die Again is already hot competition for best thriller of the year.


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