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Diaries of a Hero Self Titled Album Review

Diaries of a Hero Self Titled Album Review

diaries-of-a-hero-coverReleased: April 2014

Nurtured on the road by Anthrax and Motorhead, influenced by Iron Maiden and Killswitch Engage, and their record has been mastered by Acle Kahney of Tesseract. It’s fair to say in their short career so far Diaries of a Hero have gained quite the metal contact book.

But the big question about Diaries is this: what do they offer that metalcore doesn’t already have? The answer to that is very little, but what they do have is a new album of polished tunes that Bullet For My Valentine or Asking Alexandria could have written, and that is reason enough to give their new self-titled album a listen.

Harmonised lead guitar lines, rolling drums and tuneful choruses are the order of the day, and with clear influences from some of the biggest players, it is apparent the band have done their homework.

Following the trend of many of metal’s mainstays by opening the record with an Intro is something of a tired formula, but the following forays of Solitude and Manimal get the party started nicely. Solid slabs of commercially friendly chugging metal, they have all the hallmarks of future live staples.

But while the single cuts are obvious, it is when J5 comes along where the album really starts to break the mould, and the band sound like they are experimenting with their limits a bit more. Some technical guitar riffs and a masterfully constructed guitar solo sequence see Diaries stretching the boundaries into something a little edgier and more immediate.

And it is these tunes which really elevate the album to a higher level of musicianship which is refreshing. Anyone already familiar with metalcore will find much to enjoy here, and while Diaries don’t offer a whole lot that is different, at least not yet, it is fair to say they deserve a decent shot at establishing a name for themselves. Download the likes of Throne or Scarwhores and see for yourself just why they are ones to watch for the future.


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