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Derek Series 2, Episode 5 & 6 Review

Derek Series 2, Episode 5 & 6 Review

derek-series-2-episode-5The concluding episodes of the latest series of Derek were a tearful affair. In the penultimate instalment, everyone at Broad Hill enjoyed the company of the dogs from a local rescue centre for the day. Derek spent some quality time with his favourite dog Iver, telling the unseen cameraman, “He makes me feel funny, in my throat, in my heart and everything…and in my brain”. Derek even made a clay figurine of Iver, while Kev attempted to build a robot using junk he had collected from the skip outside. Hannah and Vicky noticed that several items from the kitchen had been vanishing, and became irritated with Kev for stealing to create his “art”.

Hannah and Tom continued to go through a rocky patch, and Jeff’s constant insulting comments began to test Hannah’s patience. Derek was distraught that he still hadn’t received any messages on his dating profile, and his spirits plummeted further when Hannah told him some upsetting news about Iver. Although some of the scenes risked being too corny, they were nonetheless some of the most touching from the series.

The finale was equally mushy. Kev agreed to teach Derek how to ride a bike they found in a skip, as Derek never learned how to cycle as a child. Anthony, Derek’s father, fell ill, giving Derek the motivation to perfect his bike-riding skills. Anthony splashed out on a brand new iPhone for Derek to run his Twitter account and to ask Siri groundbreaking questions such as “Who would win a fight out of a gorilla and an orang-utan?”.

Derek finally found himself a date through the dating website he signed up to, and dressed up to meet her in a French restaurant. To Derek’s delight, they spent most of their date having a burping contest and talking about their favourite animals. After enjoying his romantic evening, Derek returned to the home only to receive more sad news during the night. Optimistic as ever, he told the cameraman, “I loves being alive, it’s my favouritest thing.” By the end of the episode, he had mastered cycling, and the series ended on a melancholy but hopeful note. The closure of the series undoubtedly compensated for the lack of direction and scatty storylines in the previous episodes, and made watching the show worthwhile.

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