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Derek Series 2, Episode 3 & 4 Review

Derek Series 2, Episode 3 & 4 Review

derek-series-2-episode-4As the second series of Derek has progressed, there has been a little more character development to keep viewers interested. There was a lot of love in the air in last week’s instalment; the episodebegan with Derek following Hannah into the bathroom, then brandishing her “wee-stick” and proclaiming her pregnancy to everyone at Broad Hill. He suggested baby names to Hannah and Tom, insisting that a baby boy should be called Justin (after Justin Timberlake), and a baby girl should be called Susan (after Susan Boyle). They didn’t sound too keen.

Vicky, one of the staff, had a heated argument with her boyfriend, which resulted in him grabbing her by the neck in the car park. Hannah came to the rescue, smacking him over the head repeatedly with a rolling pin. After Derek admitted his lack of interest in romantic relationships to Vicky, she and Kev set up a dating profile for him. Even Derek’s father was bitten by the love bug, and he took Tom’s grandma out on a romantic date. Kev, as usual, was out of luck, as he discovered his girlfriend Janice’s profile on the same dating site Derek is a member of, leaving him heartbroken.

This week, the residents of Broad Hill participated in yoga and art classes and went out on a day trip to the zoo. Derek was in his element, especially when Hannah revealed that she had arranged for Derek to go inside the animals’ cages. One of the zoo staff took Vicky’s fancy, and she was ecstatic about landing herself a date. Meanwhile, the residents who didn’t take part in the day trip were stuck in the home with Jeff, the replacement caretaker, who is routinely horrible to the residents when left alone with them. The residents barely had any chance to complain to Hannah and the other staff when they returned from the zoo, as they suddenly received some bad news.

Despite the series becoming more eventful with each episode, it still doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Karl Pilkington’s departure has definitely made an impact, and the show just isn’t funny without his outbursts and his banter with Derek and Kev. Series 2 is now drawing to a close, so Gervais needs to have something huge up his sleeve to make up for the rather disappointing episodes we’ve seen so far.

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