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Defiance Season 1, Episode 7

Defiance Season 1, Episode 7

defiance goodbye blue sky‘Goodbye Blue Sky’

In episode 7 of Defiance, the town is hit by yet another threat – ‘razor rain’. This danger is the broken remains of arc-ships leftover from the Votan War, falling from the skies (with rather specific trajectories for such randomly falling objects).

This episode sees the return of Sukar, the Irathient Spirit rider from a few episodes ago, who bonded with Irisa over her visions. ‘Goodbye Blue Sky’ opens with Sukar getting caught in the first wave of the pummelling ‘rain’, and Irisa perceiving his plight with her gift. However, before Irisa and Nolan can come to Sukar’s aid, he is killed by the meteor-like blasts. While Nolan heads back to warn Defiance of the oncoming risk, Irisa remains behind for Sukar’s funeral.

Now, this is where the episode starts to get weird. Sukar is suddenly, without reason, resurrected. The character’s return rightly elicits confusion, especially as Sukar strangely now believes it is the will of the Irathient God to head into Defiance and cause a bit of mayhem. It turns out that Sukar is tasked with stopping an incoming ‘rain’ attack on the town by blowing the falling objects up with a weaponry device in the radio room of the old St Louis arch. Thinking this plan is bogus and more of a threat than the ‘rain’ itself, Nolan sets out to stop Sukar. Eventually this leads to a confrontation between the two that ends in Sukar getting dozens of bullets in the chest and falling from the arch. During the fight, Irisa had the chance to help one of the men, but was frozen with indecisiveness. Nevertheless, when Sukar is killed (again…apparently) Irisa chooses to trust Sukar’s plan and sets off the weapon. It turns out that the plan worked, as the threat of the ‘razor rain’ is averted, and Nolan, it seems, has just murdered Defiance’s saviour. Or has he?

Sukar is one tough cookie, as yet again he gets to live another day, except this time comatose with a severed spine. The Doctor reveals that his miraculous resurrection earlier was not due to the Irathient God, but instead to nanites that had been dispersed by the arc-ships that fell at the beginning. These nanites were able to detect the forthcoming ‘razor rain’ on Defiance, meaning that Sukar could sense their approach as well. Wooo, Science!

Elsewhere about town, the other inhabitants are getting into troubles of their own. The ex-mayor visits Rafe McCawley and figures out that her henchman was murdered by Quentin McCawley (remember when Quentin suddenly decided to strangle an intruder last episode – that was random). In other news, Stahma pays an unexpected visit to Kenya’s brothel ‘Need/Want’. Ostensibly Stahma wishes to obtain Datak’s protection money and also request that her son, Alak, gain a valuable education in pleasing human women before his intended nuptials, however, the two characters end up in bed together.

Overall, this was another satisfying episode, with some great visual effects. However, the danger afflicting Defiance this time around suffered from a good many plot-holes, and just failed to be as intriguing as other episodes. The conflict and drama just were not as grand as they needed to be.


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