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Defiance Season 1, Episode 5

Defiance Season 1, Episode 5

Defiance s1 ep5The Serpent’s Egg

This latest episode addressed issues that have been simmering for a while in Defiance – those of trust and deception. The main plot this week involved Amanda and Nolan trapped in a heist situation beyond Defiance’s borders. Initially evoking 1930’s Stagecoach vibes, the pair set out with a disparate group of passengers in a cargo bus following its biweekly arrival and departure in Defiance. Their companions for this journey include Rynn, the prisoner responsible for the Hellbug attack a couple of episodes ago and an ambassador with her two husbands. The latter group leads Amanda and Nolan at one point to have a discussion about the benefits of entering into a relationship in this new world. Amanda sees no use in the one true love ideal of Earth’s past, whilst Nolan understands this opinion as simply being a veil concealing Amanda’s real desires. The writers are clearly pushing at this point for these two to get together; they have a great rapport, but I’m not yet convinced of their OTP material. Irisa and Tommy on the other hand make steamy strides in their relationship by episode’s end.

Irisa’s storyline entails the arrival of a mysterious man from her past, who looks and acts for all intents and purposes like a world-wearied travelling rock salesman. Irisa’s impulsive reaction to this homely gentleman is to give him a swift kick to the balls, knocking him unconscious. What else would we expect? Despite the man’s pleas to the contrary, Irisa is convinced of his participation in some Cult-induced torture she suffered as a child prior to meeting Nolan (of which viewers are shown flashes of).

Irisa’s persecution of the man is jarring, with Tommy voicing viewers concerns that Irisa may not be thinking lucidly. However, it turns out that the salesman was involved in her past horrors, claiming he was testing Irisa to prove she was the “Chosen One”.  After this reveal and in a moment of clarity, Irisa chooses to free the man. Her character is an enigma, though one that the writers are clearly building up to have a higher purpose.

Back on the coach, it turns out that one passenger was running a heist on the vehicle, allowing armed outlaws to board in an attempt to obtain the cash case being carried by Nolan. The situation soon turns into a rescue mission as the ambassador is abducted. With a bit of teamwork, the good guys win, with Amanda proving she has quite the aim. Of course, as with everything and everyone in this world, people are not who they claim or seem to be. The ambassador reveals to have been the mastermind of the operation all along as she prepares to kill our heroes, just before Rynn returns, with plenty of badass swagger, to stop her.

A Serpent’s Egg proves that Defiance has stepped up its game. The episode only focused on three of Defiance’s major players, with Stephanie Leonidas shining this week in her shifting between the derangement and vulnerability of Irisa’s fragile mental state. This has been the best episode so far, and by all accounts proves that Defiance deserves the second season it has been granted.


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