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Defiance Season 1, Episode 12

Defiance Season 1, Episode 12

defiance-episode 12‘Everything Is Broken’

Here it is – the review for the final episode of the first season of Defiance. Over the past twelve episodes viewers have been treated to some entertaining, fun adventures in this futuristic sci-fi world, as well as being delivered some more so-so stories along the way. Considering last week’s engaging episode, hopes were riding high for this one.

Nolan and Tommy are wandering the woods in search of Irisa, following the trail of her dramatic and violent escape from Doc Ywell at the end of the previous episode. They find her camped out at an Irathient commune, along with the comatose Sukar and an angry Rynn.

The Doc, on the other hand, is not in such a happy place. A group of Earth Republic mercenaries have come to town with the hopes of obtaining the artefacts that have caused so much havoc. Soon the Republic officers know about Irisa, thanks to the charmingly veiled menace of their resident interrogator, Jonas. When they show up at the Irathient camp, Jonas proceeds to line up the residents and Tommy for assassination so as to lure Irisa out.

Once Irisa has been captured, the mercenaries demand Doc Ywell surgically remove the artefacts from her body. Nolan and co luckily reach the outpost to rescue Irisa, but not before whatever is inside her lashes out to attack her captors. In the group’s escape Nolan is shot multiple times, and mortally wounded, by Jonas. Irisa’s “I love you” to Nolan’s corpse is stunningly sad, but you get the impression that Syfy wouldn’t kill off their lead character when a second series is on the way. Suddenly Sukar appears spouting enigmatic advice to an inconsolable Irisa, leading her into the mines, and she sees and speaks to a young version of herself claiming to be the Irathient god Irzu, who offers to bring back Nolan in exchange for Irisa becoming Irzu’s weapon. In the following confusing moments, Irisa uses the artefact tendril things within her body to open up an ancient spaceship buried within the mines. She dives into a glowing orb, and Nolan wakes up.

Cutting to the Arch, Alak decides to take another opportunity on his radio show to promote his father’s candidacy for Mayor. Personally, this storyline for Alak is bothersome. Why would he continue to support Datak considering how cruel he is to his own son? Alak is not being coerced into this, so what would be the point? At least Datak, back at camp, gets it right when he wonders if someone can get Alak to “shut up”. Upon Datak and Stahma turning up to the mayoral offices together to cast their votes, Kenya appears obviously hurt by the presence of the couple. She storms out and manages to throw a barbed comment Datak’s way regarding Stahma, revealing their illicit rendezvous in the process. It seems that Stahma may not remain this world, if Datak’s threats are to be trusted.

Stahma heads over to the Need/Want to ask Kenya to stand down from antagonising Datak. She seems incredibly sincere in wishing for Kenya’s safety, although Kenya listens dubiously to Stahma’s confessions. Nevertheless, Kenya follows Stahma into the woods at the former’s request, but brings a gun along ready to try and obtain the truth from Stahma. Unfortunately for Amanda’s sister, Stahma poisons her with a tainted drinking flask. That’s so long, farewell to an original cast member (presumably).

When the voting tally does finally come in, Datak is victorious. Suddenly becoming mayor, however, does nothing to soothe his temper, as he quarrels with the Earth Republic Colonel regarding who truly has control of Defiance. As with many of Datak’s temper tantrums, this one ends badly, as Datak murders the Colonel in cold blood.

The final scene of the episode sees Nolan staring out over the invading Earth Republic forces as they storm into Defiance. Kenya is dead, the Tarrs are murderers, and Irisa has plunged into an orb of mystical power at the behest of an Irathient God. It started slow, but this was a fantastic end to the series. With an ending like this, the next series should be even bigger and better!


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