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Defiance Season 1, Episode 11

Defiance Season 1, Episode 11

Defiance - Season 1‘Past Is Prologue’ 

We open with the wake for ex-mayor Nicki, where Amanda is looking very glamorous and holding the crowd’s attention with nostalgic stories about the good ol’ days. Of course, the Tarr’s cannot handle anyone else hogging all the attention for too long, so they saunter in late like they’re too cool for school… which they clearly are, although Nolan, Amanda and Kenya don’t share such sentiments.

Later on, Stahma and Kenya share some more private time at the Need/Want, where Stahma reveals (with the utmost sincerity…) that Datak is planning to kill Amanda before the upcoming election. When informed of this, Nolan wants Amanda to pull out of the public debate the following day, but Amanda insists upon continuing with Nolan there to protect her.

Over at the Tarr campaign camp, Datak and Alak have a run in, with Datak making his son perform a Castithan shaming ritual and demands he complete an important task for him. Alak hands this job over to a stoner Castithan friend – the task is to shoot Amanda during the mayoral debate. Nolan spots the sniper, shooting him dead before realisation hits that the young Castithan was using a paintball gun and Nolan has just murdered an innocent. Datak uses this act, and also the discovery of Nolan’s confidential soldier record, as ammunition against Amanda’s right-hand man to benefit his own mayoral campaign. When Kenya confronts Stahma about her false information, Stahma states that she goes along with Datak’s plans (i.e. concocts most of them) because she loves him, and she loves him because of his cruelty, which she views as strength.

Nolan’s confrontation with Datak is a lot more physical, as the two get into a pretty violent bout. Datak looks like he should prevail with some slick agility, but Nolan beats him with brute force. Irisa stops Nolan doing any serious damage however.

One person who isn’t at Nicki’s funeral is of course Doc Ywell, who is busy getting up to some suspicious activities with the golden artefact. One of the Doc’s experiments has a linked adverse effect on Irisa, who is busy canoodling with Tommy when she starts experiencing pains. Doc Ywell, using an interesting looking form of x-ray technology (that looks a lot like pencil sketching), finds that Irisa’s body contains tendril-like objects grafted within her. Being extremely creepy, the Doc manipulates Irisa into having another fit so that she can perform an operation on her. During the surgery, viewers are treated to one of Irisa’s memories, showing Irisa being subjected to one of her childhood ‘chosen one’ rituals. A silver object, like the Doc’s golden one, was grafted under Irisa’s skin (think X-Men’s Wolverine). Back in the present, the two objects react to each other, as if they are reaching toward the other. Hearing a ruckus, Nolan bursts in on the surgery to find the Doc knocked out and Irisa nowhere to be found. If the strange artefact is connected to Irisa, then are her unique abilities related to religion or science? What do the paired objects do and why have people died for them?

Earlier in the series, the overarching mystery seemed a bit underdeveloped, but thankfully the payoff seems to be working well. I have a feeling the finale will be pretty fantastic viewing. For this one though, any episode that ends with a bloodied Irisa running through the woods to Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time after Time’ deserves 5 stars.


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