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“We built this Schmidty, we built this Schmidty on Tootsie Rolls!”

He’s a kimono wearing, India loving, douche-jar filling, sexual snowflake. Yes, we’re talking about the outrageously funny Schmidt from New Girl, a character we’ve come to unashamedly love over the course of two seasons. We’ve shared the good times and the bad times, the laughter and the tears, so in the words of the great man himself… “Can we just take a moment to celebrate me.” Ok Schmidty, we’d love to.

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1. A reminder to always wear a thumb ring when slapping cheating hippies. Bitch.

new girl meme

2. Just the way he says Mango Chutney.

mango chuntney

3. He can pull off a thigh length mono.


4. He really goes all out. In every way.


5. His grasp on the economy. And the world in general…


6. The fact that he sometimes talks like an OAP.


7. He likes avocwado rolls.


8. Just when we thought Jess had dibs on best looking spec wearer, he swoops in.


9. Never has anyone fake staked so accurately.

figure staking

10. “Just say when…”

schmidt new girl

11. He references Game of Thrones.


12. The facial expressions.

your my boo

13. Then there’s this…


14. We’ve all been there. It’s the bowling ball saga all over again.

schmidt fish

15. He’s a former fat kid who’s easily amused.


16. . Let’s just take this moment to not only celebrate our beloved Schmidt but the entire cast of New Girl. Thanks for giving us endless hours of laughter gang. We love you. Let’s be friends.


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