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dead man downThis weeks recommended film is DEAD MAN DOWN. Colin Farrell stars as a feared gangland hitman who works for a powerful crime lord. When Farrell falls for an intended hit his loyalties are tested.

21 AND OVER is another of those rude, bawdy comedies from the writers of THE HANGOVER. An over achieving medical student is taken out for a drunken night with his chums. Hilarity ensues… Probably.

Also out is ALL STARS 3D which, to be frank, looks abysmal. Its from the people behind STREETDANCE 3D and HORRID HENRY… about sums it up really…

So thank god for Ang Lee’s Oscar winning LIFE OF PI being out on dvd this week… Its the beautiful tale of a boy and a tiger sharing a small boat… And he doesn’t get his face ripped off… Brilliant.

Have a good weekend, people!

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