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nosferatu-a-symphony-of-horrorDark clouds are forming in the sky. A chill descends over the heart of London and with it a mist, creeping ever closer to the BFI’s Southbank cinema. Enter the auditoriums and you will find many terrifying surprises; Nosferatu slithers silently down the aisle, The Mummy lurks undetected in the darkness and at the front waits Rosemary, her baby cradled in her arms. Since the very early days of film, menacing monsters have haunted us in the cinemas, preying on our wildest fears to leave us shaken & frightened. It is these screen nightmares that the BFI is celebrating in a major new season at their Southbank theater; ‘Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film’ is a 4 month celebration of the best in cinematic horror.

From the visually arresting pieces that formed the beating heart of German Expressionism, to the Hammer Horrors that formed, and continue to be, an integral part of the UK’s film industry, horror has shaped the very fabric of cinema. ‘The Dark Heart of Film’ explores this cinematic foundation from 4 different perspectives. Throughout the end of October and all through November, the BFI will be focusing on their first 2 themes. The ‘Monstrous’ section explores the incarnations & re