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Culture News : The Royal Baby And Royally Big Fashion

Culture News : The Royal Baby And Royally Big Fashion

royal baby– This fortnight’s news has been dominated by the news that on 22nd July Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge delivered a baby son with no difficulties or complications. The Prince has since been named George Alexander Louis, although how many times he will be referred to with that mouthful of a name remains to be seen; luckily its Prince George of Cambridge for short, which is far more agreeable. Plus, with Prince Harry having already promised to ensure that George has a lot of fun, he has a very happy future ahead of him.

The news of a Royal baby has somewhat divided public opinion. Most, like myself, think it’s great news, and what on earth is wrong with celebrating someone else’s happiness? The rest however, who are largely made up of people banging out grammatically incorrect Facebook statuses along the lines of ‘Not another Royal mouth to feed with taxpayer’s money’. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind these people that the Royal Family are NOT asking for more money in order to feed this impoverished child, so don’t you worry your little heads.

– From the big Royal news to, well, BIG. That’s what it’s all about this year in the fashion world; everything from BIG typefaces on oversized shirts, BIG prints of cats (or bears, or any other ‘cool’ animal that has been sucked in by the fashion world, maybe the odd leopard) and BIG sunglasses. Just think big and you’ll be on to a winner; standing out and fitting in at the same time. Don’t forget to roll your sleeves, of course.

– In other news this fortnight, the Bank of England have revealed that the new £10 note will feature Jane Austen, accompanied by a quote from Pride and Prejudice character Mrs. Bingley: ‘I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading’. A lovely sentiment indeed, but the Bank of England’s reasoning for this seems incredibly bizarre, claiming that its notes cannot command ‘respect and legitimacy’ unless they featured a woman. After all, its not as if one very important woman features on every single piece of currency in the UK…

– Finally, in an attempt to be looked upon as some sort of social hero David Cameron has decided to tighten restrictions on porn, announcing that internet service providers will soon be forced to ask customers whether they would like to apply filters to block pornographic websites. This has received an almost unanimous ‘who cares?’ from the British public, partly because this decision had already been made by the internet service providers prior to David Cameron opening his mouth, partly because the filters block harmless sites as well, and still let some porn filter through, and partly because, well, we just simply don’t really care.

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