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Culture News : The Fresh Prince Returns and Matt Smith Says Goodbye to Doctor Who

Culture News : The Fresh Prince Returns and Matt Smith Says Goodbye to Doctor Who

– Well last time it was UKIP the British public were pouring their faith into, this time it disappointingly seems to be the English Defence League (EDL) following the tragic attack in Woolwich, after which EDL tripled their ‘Likes’ on Facebook. As simple and idiotic as this was on behalf of the British public, the revenge of the rational person came in a great (albeit unlikely) form, that of the Graham Norton Show.

– Although I’ve only ever viewed the show as a somewhat granny-friendly version of his previous Channel 4 show, it was the most granny-friendly rapper of all that bought it, not just to my attention, but to that of the nation. Will Smith featured on the show with his son and proceeded to perform an ‘impromptu’ mash up of his hits ‘Switch’ and ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ with the help of Jaden and DJ Jazzy Jeff (who must have managed to get into the building, set up, sound check and stand in front of several television cameras completely undetected). The fourteen million views this has on YouTube so far is a promising sign that not every Briton is full of prejudice.


– Moving swiftly on, 150 men’s hairdressers opened in Britain last year, with fashion trends such as the short back and sides pushing the teens and twenties into barber shops. Fashion icons such as David Beckham and Kanye West are also deemed a factor in the increase. In fact, more barber shops were opened last year than almost any other business except from charity shops, which are also benefitting from a retro boom. It seems we’re slowly styling our way out of the recession. Good stuff!

– In the wake of two massive sold-out gigs in Finsbury Park next week, The Stone Roses were out in force this week, attending the premiere of the Shane Meadows directed film ‘Made of Stone’, which documents the story of their reunion in 2011. Other attendees at the Hackney Picture House included the Clash’s Mick Jones, who later claimed that he wished Shane Meadows was around to direct a film about the Clash; don’t we all! The event included a live Q&A and was shown across 200 cinemas nationwide.

– Matt Smith has revealed he is to leave Doctor Who after four years on the popular Television programme. After stepping up to replace the irreplaceable David Tennant, the public seem pretty ambivalent about the parting of Smith, whose final episode will be the show’s 50th Anniversary special.

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