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stephen-sutton-storyStephen Sutton raised £4 million for Teenage Cancer Trust prior to his untimely death at 19, giving him hero-status among red tops and broadsheets alike. In the light of this a charity single is to be released entitled ‘Hope Ain’t a Bad Thing’, produced by the Neon Brotherhood as a personal tribute by 40 musicians. Let us not forget his struggles and strive for greater morality from pharmacutical companies in conjunction with scientific research.

As if Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell hadn’t caused enough humiliation by telling the world he looks for truth by walking down the street with his guitar, his latest interview with the Guardian is a car crash of equal magnitude. He spent much of his time criticising the Guardian for using four exclamation marks in four sentences in a previous article. Further research showed that this factually wasn’t the case. He went on to say that all record labels are ‘scum’, which I’m sure his record label will appreciate.

Britain turned out to vote last week in both the EU and local elections. Europe faired depressingly in the polls with a Neo-Nazi achieving success in Greece, whilst the National Front relished success in France, and Britain, well, we’ve got UKIP. The results might as well have been delivered as a sentence stating ‘We’re scared of brown people’. UKIP faired worse in the local elections however, controlling 0 councils and winning less seats than the Liberal Democrat party who did especially bad. Labour faired better than expected but not as well as they’d have liked and the Tories saw support waver.

In a somwhat bizzarre turn of events, Joey Barton appeared on Question Time to give his two cents about Britain’s current political climate. He, rather predictably, had an absolute shocker and said that choosing who to vote for in this country was like choosing between ‘four really ugly girls’. This caused an outcry from the public, particularly the female sector who did not enjoy being compared to a bunch of power hungry men, and understandably so. If he had said ‘four really ugly men’ though, I doubt there would be the same drama.

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