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joan-rivers-02While the comedy world was recovering from the loss of Robin Williams, it got dealt another blow this week with the passing of Joan Rivers. Rivers was best known for her sharp wit and feisty attitude. After receiving many complaints for swearing on daytime television in Britain in 2008, she issued an apology stating, “I’m sorry I fucking swore”. After getting her big break in 1965, Rivers remained in the public limelight up until her death and will be sorely missed by many, although probably not by some.

The badger cull is to return next week in Gloucestershire and Somerset, despite the utter failure and preposterous waste of taxpayers money the last one turned out to be. The difference this time is there are more relaxed rules on how many badgers can be killed. Wonderful. Critics argue that a vaccination programme would be more effective. This has been shown in Wales where no cull has taken place.

Studies have shown that despite the criticism they are attracting, switching to E-cigarettes could save the lives of 50,000 smokers a year. The World Health Organisation have been putting the pressure on the Government to ban indoor smoking of E-cigarettes, the government have denied this but say there are more warnings and regulations on how they are sold on the way.

On a lighter note, a school in Newcastle came under fire from angry neighbours this week as they put more than 50 children in detention after they rebelled against the school’s tightening uniform restrictions. The safety in numbers angle was well played by the school kids, but after being kept in isolation in the run up to their GCSEs, many parents feel it is a waste of valuable education time. The school has since issued an apology claiming not to have anticipated ‘the many styles we would be confronted with…we have clearly been overzealous and inconsistent in our response to this’.

The Good Pub Guide has concluded that the average price for a pint of beer in Britain is now £3.31. It also found, somewhat typically, that London and Surrey were the priciest with a pint going for an average of £3.79 and that Herefordshire was the cheapest with an average price of £3.03.

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